About Francis Gilbert

Francis Gilbert was educated at Sussex University, Cambridge University and completed an MA in Creative Writing at the University Of East Anglia, studying under Malcolm Bradbury and Rose Tremain. Since the early 1990s, he has taught in a variety of comprehensives in London. He gave up teaching in 1998, but resumed his teaching career in 2001; shortly afterwards he became Head of English, a post he held for six years before stepping down to devote more time to his family and writing. He currently teaches part-time English and Media at a comprehensive and has just published a novel, The Last Day Of Term, an action-packed, black comedy about a teacher fighting to save his marriage and career on the very last day of term.

A couple of years ago, he published Working The System — How To Get The Very Best State Education For Your Child. He has published four other books, written extensively for the national press, and appeared as a commentator on all the major TV channels and radio stations. His favourite appearance was with Johnnie Walker on Radio 2 when Sally was very nice to his young son, buying him a packet of crisps. All his pupils think his coolest appearance was on the Russell Brand show.

He posts his press articles on a personal website www.francisgilbert.co.uk, and writes a political blog at the Local Schools Network, which aims to celebrate the achievements of local schools and critique government education policy.

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