Goldsmiths’ Writers Centre Inaugural Conference: Beyond the Sheets: Sexualities in the Age of Digital Reproduction 4th April 2014

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Venue: Richard Hoggart Building, Goldsmiths College, University of London



Thursday 3rd April 2014


6pm                            LitLive Event, Goldsmiths

An evening of creative writing, music and performances about sex. Writers include: Richard Scott, Elaine Castillo, Ama Budge plus many more.

**Delegates who will be in London for the conference are warmly invited to attend, however please note that accommodation is not provided.**



Friday 4th April 2014


9.30 – 10am                          Coffee and Registration


10am – 10.15am                  Opening Remarks: Professor Blake Morrison, Goldsmiths (RHB 137A)


10.15am – 11.45am                        PANEL SESSION ONE





Panel title: Potency & Impotence

Chair: TBC

Venue:  RHB 137A



Eleanor Perry (University of Kent), ‘Mutilated Existence: Poetry as a Means of Interrogating Notions of Femininity and Female Sexuality in Mass Culture’


Joanna Linsley (Independent), ‘Impotence: An Exercise in Endurance’




Dr Justin Hunt (University of Lincoln), ‘Writing Sex: Archival Negotiations and the Erotics of Research’

Panel title: Identities


Chair:  TBC

Venue: RHB 142



Dragan Todorovic (University of Kent)

‘Avatars at an Orgy: Sex as the Malfunction of Fiction’




Grace Dugdale (Independent), ‘Sex, Science and the Two Faces of Patriarchy’




Valentino Vecchietti (Independent),

‘Sex and the Abject: TransBodies, a Semiotic Reading of Estranged Meaning in Anomalous Bodies’



Panel title: Censorship in the Digital Age

Chair:  TBC

Venue:  RHB 143



Thomas Darby (Independent)

‘Performing the Written Digital ‘





Jerry Barnett (Independent)

Censorship, pornography and bureaucracy




Will Fee (Goldsmiths)

‘Sex, Violence and the Issue of Censorship in the Arts’



11.45am – 12pm                  BREAK


12pm – 1.30pm                   PANEL SESSION TWO





Panel title: Troubling the Division of Porn and its Audience/s

Chair: TBC

Venue: RHB 137A


Bethan Jones (University of Aberystwyth), ‘Porn Audiences and Prosumption: A Fannish Space in Porn’



Sarah Harman (Brunel University) and Helen Hester  (University of Middlesex), ‘Giffing a Fuck: Non-narrative Pleasures in Participatory Porn Cultures’


Nick Kilby (De Montfort University), ‘Rethinking the Queer Response: A Reflection on Ecstatic Readings’

Panel title: Perversions  of Modernism


Chair: TBC

Venue:  RHB 142


Ery Shin (University of Oxford),  ‘Erasing/Immortalizing Race through Sex: Felix’s Death-wish in Nightwood’



Guy Stevenson (Goldsmiths), ‘Henry Miller and the ‘Remarkable Sexuality of the Twenties’





Chantal Kennedy (Goldsmiths)

‘Capitalism, Sex, and Michel Houllebecq’


Panel title: Writing about Sex I

Chair: TBC

Venue: RHB 143


Andrea Mason (Goldsmiths), ‘Prurient Abject Voyeurism: Does She Squirt? A short story’


Richard Scott (Independent poet)

Sex in Poetry





Panellist TBC


1.30pm – 2.30pm                 LUNCH


2.30pm – 2.45pm                 Afternoon Readings: Season Butler, Blake Morrison, etc


2.45pm – 4.15pm                PANEL SESSION THREE





Panel title: Teenage Kicks

Chair: TBC

Venue: RHB 137A


Heather McConnell (Independent),

Teenage girls, media and sex


Rachel Long (Goldsmiths),

‘I Blame my Mother, She Blames Me’


Henry Ivry (University of Leeds), ‘”We’ve Got a Situation”: Gender and Sexual Politics and the Transatlantic Dialogue of Jersey Shore, Geordie Shore, and The Valley.


Panel title: This is how we do it – Writing about sex II

Chair: Francis Gilbert

Venue: RHB 142


May-Lan Tan

Jennifer Nadel

Alice Ash

Ardashir Vakil

Andrea Mason

Jenny Lewis






Panel title:  Writing the Erotic

Chair: TBC

Venue: RHB 143


Dr Josie Pearse (Independent)

‘Being Angel Strand: the Experience of Being a Black Lace Author’


Richard English (Brunel University), ‘Writing Romance: Love and Sex’


Sonia Overall (University of Kent), ‘Sex in Eden: Writing, Reading and Inhabiting Fictional Worlds’


4.15pm – 4.30pm                 BREAK


4.30pm – 5.15pm                Keynote speaker: Michèle Roberts


5.15pm – 6pm                       Creative/Closing discussion


6pm – 6.30pm                       Wine reception


6.30pm – 7pm                      The Butch Monologues feat. The Drakes

The Butch Monologues uses interviews with butch-identified women living in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and the Caribbean, and re-positions the negative, socially threatening concept of female masculinity into a place of pride.


7pm  – 10pm                                     Feelings: Venue TBC

A night of queer-friendly poetry, prose, performance, video and sad disco, curated by Sophie Robinson.



Published by: @wonderfrancis

Francis Gilbert is a Lecturer in Education at Goldsmiths, University of London, teaching on the PGCE Secondary English programme. He also teaches the Creative Writing module on the MA in Children’s Literature, which is run by Maggie Pitfield and Professor Michael Rosen. Previously, he worked for a quarter of a century in various English state schools teaching English and Media Studies to 11-18 year olds. He has, at times, moonlighted as a journalist, novelist and social commentator. He is the author of ‘Teacher On The Run’, ‘Yob Nation’, ‘Parent Power’, ‘Working The System -- How To Get The Very Best State Education for Your Child’, and a novel about school, ‘The Last Day Of Term’. His first book, ‘I'm A Teacher, Get Me Out Of Here’ was a big hit, becoming a bestseller and being serialised on Radio 4. In his role as an English teacher, he has taught many classic texts over the years and has developed a great many resources to assist readers with understanding, appreciating and responding to them both analytically and creatively. This led him to set up his own small publishing company FGI Publishing ( which has published his study guides as well as a number of books by other authors, including Roger Titcombe’s ‘Learning Matters’ and anthology of creative writing 'The Gold Room'. He is the co-founder, with Melissa Benn and Fiona Millar, of The Local Schools Network,, a blog that celebrates non-selective state schools, and has his own website, He has appeared numerous times on radio and TV, including Newsnight, the Today Programme, Woman’s Hour and the Russell Brand Show. In June 2015, he was awarded a PhD in Creative Writing and Education by Goldsmiths.

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